For our Feline friends


We pride ourselves in offering luxury care for your cats when you take a holiday, or have family commitments. Your cat can relax in our spacious, comfy and homely cattery situated a distance away from the kennels to minimise any discomfort.  We try to ensure we have created a home from home for your best friend with heating for the cooler days and air con for warm nights


We now have family sized chalets offering an indoor living area and their own outside play area with space to jump and climb or find comfy nooks that they can snuggle away in, relax and chill in the shade or play in the sun, they can curl up in a comfortable chair, watch the world go by from a well positioned shelf or window seat.


All our cats are made comfortable with clean bedding, with fresh water, food and litter trays changed twice a day however if owners prefer they may bring their own, bedding etc we suggest you bring some of your cat’s favourite toys or blanket to help settle them in, we can accommodate all kinds of dietry requirements for our older or less able guests that can’t jump or climb we have low down comfy seating and hideaway tunnels and igloos, Cats enjoy time spent with ourselves and our staff through brushing, cuddles or just a chat as the individual cat indicates  In the interest of safety we do not mix our cats.