Terms and Conditions


Dogs and Cats to stay with us

All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated and have a current vaccination book and all boosters up to date. You need to produce them when they come to stay and also be up to date with worming tablets and flea control advantix/frontline or similar. If there are signs of worms or parasite while they are staying with us we will treat them at cost.

We ensure that every effort is taken for the care and wellbeing of your pet but are left at the owners risk

Price is nightly and fees are due for the whole booking before or on day of collection or delivery. If you decide to collect earlier than arranged, we need to know at least 24 hours before pick up day or you will be charged for the night/s
All accounts must be settled in full on collection day before you take your pet home

Any pet not collected within 14 days of the agreed date may result in legal proceedings and the owner will be liable for all costs incurred
Where the owner has requested for their multiple family of dogs or cats to share accommodation the owner accepts all responsibility for any incidents that may occur

It is important that we can call a vet on your behalf if we feel your pet needs treatment and you will be responsible for settling any costs

All pets must be collected before 16.00 on the agreed collection date, after this time there will be an extra night charge
We never knowingly accept a dog with kennel cough but as the incubation period van exceed10 days it may not be detectable on arrival. A vaccination for kennel cough is available in Spain but not compulsory

Any pet arriving with medication any creams tablets dressings or injections must have clear written instructions